Driving Lessons

cheap driving lessons

Not only do you want to pass your driving test but you also want to find a really good instructor who will look after you and make sure you pass without needing to take more lessons than needed.

Today we can help you find the right driving instructor.

Driving Lessons Prices

cheap driving lessons

No one wants to spend too much and everyone wants the right driving instructor so we have come up with the best of both worlds. For your first lesson just pay for the first hour and we’ll pay for the second.

That’s fair isn’t it?

Your Guarantee

cheap driving lessons

We want to make sure you have a great driving lesson so if you don’t want another lesson all you need to do is phone is back inside 24 hours of the lesson and we’ll give you your money back.

There is no risk on you!

Why Choose Us

cheap driving lessons

Who else is offering you a free hour on your first lesson and a money back guarantee?

Fill out the form and our friendly staff will give you a call.

Complete the form and we will find you the right driving instructor
to help you pass your driving test


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